The aims and objectives of physical education

Physical Education is conducted as part of the school’s Curriculum and two sessions a week are provided for pupils from Reception Year to Year 9. Every child participates and the Curriculum is arranged over three terms so as to ensure a diverse and balanced provision for the children. The children will follow units of work including gymnastics, dance, swimming, striking and fielding
games and outdoor pursuits.


  • Every child is expected to change into suitable clothing for Physical Education, i.e. black shorts and school’s blue T-shirt and trainers.
  • For reasons of safety, rings, earrings and watches cannot be worn in any Physical Education lesson.

Parents are kindly asked to inform the school if there is any medical reason why their child cannot participate in Physical Education lessons.

As well as participating in Physical Education lessons, pupils are encouraged to take part in sporting activities such as football, netball, hockey and rugby matches, swimming gala, etc.

Through various physical experiences, it is hoped to put a foundation in place for a healthy and active life and to teach every child how to become involved in and enjoy physical activity.

Swimming lessons are held for children in Reception Year to Year 6 during the year. These lessons form part of school activities and every child is expected to take part.