Regular attendance and punctuality is all-important if pupils are to be successful in school. We expect pupils to arrive in school and lessons on time.

If parents wish to take their children on holiday during school time, the Strategic Head Teacher’s permission should be sought by contacting her to discuss the request. Unless this is done, the absence will be recorded as being ‘Unauthorized’ and will be treated accordingly. It is emphasized that we do not approve of pupils missing school for holidays. With a number of courses that lead to qualifications depending on attendance, you are asked not to arrange holidays for pupils in Year 10 or 11 during the school term. This is also just as important at the time of National Tests at the beginning of May every year for Years 2 to 9.

In Years 7 to 11, the school will also monitor the attendance of pupils in each lesson.

For reasons of safety, pupils in Years 7 to 11 will not be allowed to leave school premises without the permission of the Head of Phase 2/3, and/or the Strategic Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.

The Attendance Target for Ysgol Bro Idris for 2017-18 is 95.5%.